ADXmart is proud to help advertisers get in touch with the right audience.
One-stop service for mobile applications,
the use of solid and reliable global resources to maximize
the effectiveness of advertising.
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ADXmart is a comprehensive App monetization SSP platform.
ADXmartSSP is a platform for web pages and mobile media applications to provide professional, easy to use and efficient advertising management and realizable services.
Through the fine management of resources and the intelligent optimization of sales mode, we can maximize the realized earnings for the media.
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User driven maximization
Through exclusive LTV optimization technology, aim at high value users, create higher conversion advertising, and maximize marketing ROI.
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Why ADXmart?
ADXmart’s strength lies in our team’s strong insight into mobile advertising industry and our refined technologies that enables us to lead the programmatic buying field.
We work exclusively with leading DSP to streamline our purchase decisions and increase the effectiveness of advertising investment.
It's easy to make an ad purchase.
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